SM2miR is a manual curated database which collects and incorporates the experimentally validated small molecules' effects on miRNA expression in 20 species from the published papers.


EpimiR stores the experimentally validated mutual regulations between epigenetic modifications and miRNAs.


SmiRN-AD (Small molecule and miRNA association Network in Alzheimer's Disease) is a free online database about the associations between bioactive small molecules and AD-related miRNAs, which are identified based on the expression signatures of the bioactive small molecules perturbations and AD-related miRNAs regulations.


Psmir is a comprehensive database that presents computationally predicted small molecule-miRNA associations through comparison of current gene expression profiles under miRNA perturbation and drug treatment.


CREAM (Chemotherapy ResistancE-Associated MiRSNP Database) is a free online database depositing the functional miRSNP associated with chemotherapy resistance.


TMREC database provides a user-friendly interface for convenient retrieval and visualization of TF-miRNA regulatory cascades and clusters in specific disease by TF, miRNA or disease name.


TPEA is a novel Topology-based pathway enrichment analysis R package, which integrated the global position of the nodes and the topological property of the pathways in Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes Database.


ChemoCommunity is a user-friendly database that collected comprehensive information about chemoresponse communities.


The ncDR database is a comprehensive cheminformatics and bioinformatics resource that collect curated and predicted drug resistance-related non-coding RNA (ncRNA).